I’ve been looking at my previous posts and was thinking about nuking them, but they are part of the development of Doc. But those posts mean nothing except quality sucked. Now to clarify for anypony unsure what I mean, it means From the last post, it’s like Doc’s blog is new. Okay? I’m still keeping all my questions in the ask, and willing for some new ones too. So ask and I might show Doc’s response to it

Questionh-how are you doctor? Answer

I’m doing fine. Been busy lately. And the whole wiby wobbly timey wimey stuff has made it hard to update here…and the TARDIS dose not have a camera, so gonna fix that soon. :)

Mod: Two months?! Dear god, I better get back to her and work on this blog

Mod: Two months?! Dear god, I better get back to her and work on this blog

*Sign* I can’t believe this. My mod has a new account. He’ll be here: http://nic11whooves.tumblr.com/





love to all she was the best blog I ever saw and I will always remember her motto “worship my ass or be sent to the moon!”

WORSHIP MY ASS OR BE SENT TO THE MOON!How much I will miss/love that motto

Of course ^_^

Mod: If it wasn’t for Molly, I wouldn’t be the bronie and artist I am today.


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Molly. She was one of my insperation for making my tumblr and some of my art. Her going away is……*Starts crying* and luna, *Still crying* and I’m making a story with her too, *Cries more*

Well, It had to end one way or another. Atleast he did it before someone else did.




Hey everyone, Salsa here!

We’d love for another person to come aboard with us on Lost Bubbles, since we’ve lost a few people.
We need you to be more or less reliable, open to ideas and ready to come with some yourself.
We’d like…

I would be willing to help you if you want.

1st Livestream!

Artist note: I got a Livestream and want to try it out. I’ll be draw (Using that term loosely) and watching videos. then Female Whooves time! I’ll try to awnser some questions messaged to her.


  1. light RP please
  2. Keep the chat pg-13
  3. Ask me for promotion before you do so
  4. Ganon rule: No links unless asked and approved by me

That is all. 15 minuets till Livestream.

Illistrators note: I like that pun. And I used a base, shot me.